How to apply

  • If you are currently living in Stockholm County, Gnesta or Håbo municipalities, you can apply via the online application. The credentials to log in will be sent to you by mail. 
  • If you are currently living abroad and want to apply to schools in Stockholm County, Gnesta or Håbo municipalities, you can apply via the online application. In order to get credentials to log in, send your name, personal identity number (or date of birth), as well as your e-mail address to
  • If you are registered in the population register outside of Stockholms län, Gnesta and Håbo, you need to contact the admissions office connected to the municipality in which you are registered.

The website is only available in Swedish; if you need an application form in English we will send you one via e-mail. Make sure to keep your log in information, you will need it to access your admission results.

The first application period starts in the middle of January and lasts until the middle of February. Between the middle of April and the middle of May you have the possibility to make changes in your application or make a first application, if you were not able to do one in the first period.

Make sure to rank your choices of education in order of preference. If you are accepted to your highest ranked education all options below in your application will be deleted. You should include more than one choice in your application so that you improve your changes of being accepted.

If you are applying with foreign grades, you need to send your grades to Gymnasieantagningen via e-mail. Gymnasieantagningen will then upload your grades in the application portal. You will need to send your fall semester grades in January, and your final grades in the middle of June at latest. If you for any reason are not able to provide us with your grades before mid-june, you will need to contact the decision-maker for the programme which you are applying to. For public schools, the decision-maker is the municipality where the school is located. For private school, it is usually the principal at the school.

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